We Are Millions

We Are Millions is an art project that features supporters holding signs to express simply and clearly why they are standing up for Julian Assange, whom the US seeks to punish for publishing hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables and military documents in 2010.

We Are Millions is using an art platform to promote the right to know, to defend press freedom and to stand up for Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. 

This participative art piece and exhibition is based on three main concepts:


Visual language is defined to emphasize individual portraits and their facial expressions while displaying cross-border solidarity. As these photographs are collected worldwide and contributed with very diverse lights, colors and production quality, we decided to limit them to Black & White, to help make them recognizable while also bringing a visual unity.


We Are Millions displays a diverse multitude of people. In this piece, ordinary folk and very prominent cultural, artistic and political figures are mixed together through portraits of themselves. They are all holding a sign displaying their opinion on different aspects of the political persecution of Julian Assange. This expresses the synergy of people, old and young, known and less known, standing against great and brutal power structures that for about a decade have been killing a courageous journalist in slow motion.


We Are Millions illuminates through action something that dominant media corporations have been trying to conceal over the years. By exposing this multitude of portraits in public space, our intention is to show the support of courageous individuals to the causes defended by Assange, beyond the attacks against his persona. It is for this reason we are somehow transgressive – as the exhibitions are not always authorized – as a way to represent through our public expression and disobedience showing a form of resistance to a dominant discourse. "Courage is contagious" and We Are Millions aims to engage everyone to become part of the courageous efforts of those who fight for truth.

We Are Millions Book

This book is part of the Courage Foundation’s WE ARE MILLIONS campaign, an art project demonstrating global support for WikiLeaks. You can order it at O/R book