Artwork by Institute for Dissent & Datalove inspired by the work of WikiLeaks.
Warning: pressing the red button may make you part of a “conspiracy”. Warning: contains violence, death and war crimes.

Institute for Dissent and Datalove

The Institute for Dissent and Datalove is a quasi-inexistent, disposable non-group.

It is losely comprised of hackers, artists, activists and tinkerers. It vaguely overlaps with networks of solidarities involved in active defense of free speech and free/libre technologies, technology critics and political interventions.

The Institute for Dissent and Datalove has so far mostly been used for operations of de/re-contextualization of large datasets, de-formatting of formats and playful use of liberating algorithms.

It tries to cheekily criticize and deconstruct itself, while remaining grounded in uncompromising collective practices of autonomy and solidarity.