Vladislav Šćepanović

In his artistic work, Vladislav Scepanovic discusses the world of simulation and enduring forces of domination and resistance in the mass media. Basic motive of his work is the study of media scene representing the open display of the power of capital and the ruling economic and political structures.

When the topics are political  his paintings refers on these topics which are close to Assange's professional struggles. He aims to present through art the life of Julian Assange, who through WikiLeaks published numerous classified documents on human rights violations and other illegal actions by various governments. About their victims in these affairs. They showed how little freedom there is and how public opinion is created based on misinformation.

Šćepanović is a founder and chief editor of the Art Association ART OF REALITY and founder of the artistic group HARD SOC. He is a former director of the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade.

He is also Professor Art Theory on PhD studies at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade and, at the Interdisciplinary doctoral studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade.