Reagan Sova

Tiger Island

Tiger Island is an imaginative alternate history tale. It chronicles an orphaned soccer prodigy and his teammates as they come of age, and awaken politically, against the backdrop of water privatization struggles in Bolivia and U.S. imperial aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. At the book’s thrilling conclusion, Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks plays a key role in exposing the crimes of empire that have migrated inward, from faraway lands, back to our protagonists’ home. In Tiger Island, as in real life, WikiLeaks proves itself to be the world’s foremost organization for whistleblowers of conscience and consequence who wish to expose the truth.

Published in 2017 by Harvard Square Press.


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Tiger Island book by Reagan Sova garnered praise from John Yohe, the wildfire lookout poet, and Bob Nastanovich, the legendary indie musician of the bands Pavement and Silver Jews.