The Story Of Julian Assange

This is a play on Dylan's song, The Story Of The Hurricane.  The song tells the story of the Colateral murder event.  It is part of John McGhee's action in defence of the persecuted journalist, publisher, truth teller Julian Assange.

The Story Of Julian Assange. 

(A take on Hurricane by Bob Dylan)

Helicopter gunship in a far off land
Minding its own business
I’m sure you understand
Cross hair focused on an unarmed man
Walking with his comrades
A camera in his hand.

Here comes the story of Julian Assange
He put the power in the people’s hands
He said the truth must be revealed
When governments try to conceal their deeds
Then we cannot be free.

Helicopter pilots now just looking for some fun
To justify these murders they swear they saw a gun
A broken, shot up camera in a dead man’s hand
Just one of fifteen victims in the blood stained sand

A van pulls over to the side of the road
A good Samaritan with a heart of gold
His two small children by his side
They watch in terror as their father vainly tries to save a poor man’s life.

Just then the pilots in this video game
Decide to kill the driver, for crying out in shame
Children badly wounded
And their father is slain
Just one more heinous warcrime on an “ordinary” day.

Here comes the story of Julian
Who’ll rise in anger for this innocent man
He gave his freedom for us all
Now we must rise and stand up tall for him
And show that love and truth can win

Here comes the story of Julian Assange
A force for justice in a lawless land
He said the truth must be our creed
He shines a light for all to see
Now we must see that he is freed