The Extradition Trial of Julian Assange

The trial was to begin, free press was planning for a fall

The internet was quiet except for the contriving of a wall

War crimes had been exposed and the hackers tricks shut down

Any afraid without brains had already split town

Imprisoned in a glass cage, sat the Jack of Hearts

To him don’t talk or your actions will be punished, the judge said

Then everyone commenced to do what they were doin’ before he turned their heads

Then the judge turned to the prosecution and whispered with a devious grin

“Could you kindly tell me friend, when you’re ready to begin?”

Then stared into the cage appearing to face down the Jack of Hearts

Backstage reporters were betting on ‘no fair trial’ while hanging about the stairs

Free Press took the odds there was no way this trial was fair

Outside the streets were filled with protesters, closed windows couldn’t hide

Discontent was blowing, you could feel it from inside

Even in the glass cage that retained the Jack of Hearts

Uncle Sam was no one’s fool he owned the town’s political slime

He struts in thinking “why should things be any different at this time!”

With his money and his power and every hair sprayed in place

He took whatever he wanted to and he laid it all to waste

The court would cheat democracy, to beat the Jack of Hearts

Free Press had prepared extensively and took her hybrid auto into town

She slipped in inconspicuously, an underdog, no friend of the crown

Her true identity unafraid she protested in the court’s ear

Unjust they increased the charges late, but no one seemed to hear

Their reason’s clouded with revenge fired at the Jack of Hearts

“I’ll get this guy for exposing me” Sam was thinking to himself

“Thinking I, a king should answer to international law like anyone else”

Then the judge gavels, the trial began and the light of Truth did dim

And in the darkness of the room truly was only Sam and him

Sam puzzled at the light shining on the Jack of Hearts

Whitey was a princess she was experienced but portrayed a naive child

She did whatever she had to do, and hid behind it when she smiled

She had once ruled an Empire, now had lots of strange affairs

With men of warped ideologies which took her everywhere

But she’d never met anyone quite like the Jack of Hearts

Sweet talk between Whitey and Sam after being wined and dined

The contriving of the wall kept up but no court seemed to mind

It was known all around that Whitey had Sam’s ring

And nothing would ever come between Whitey and the King

No, nothin’ ever would, not even the Jack of Hearts

Free press thinking hard, seeing reality’s reflecting, backstabbing knife

Was tired of the injustice, tired of playing the roll of Sam’s wife

She had made a lot of enemies who now plotted her suicide

Was looking to secure this one civil right to turn the tide

She was gazin’ to the future, riding on the Jack of Hearts

But Whitey was exposed as free press blew Sam’s lies away

“Political extraditions? Ha! Never ever before from Big Bang to Doomsday”

And what’s this you’ve hidden with a brand new coat of paint

You can’t tell free people what to say, like you’re some kind of saint

Down the hallway footsteps were comin’ for the Jack of Hearts

Backstage press was pacing all around their designated chairs

The internet’s too quiet, publishers are afraid, I can feel it in the air

Media was nowhere so press sought the law, but the law was overridden

Seems it was a superior law had seen the wall was hidden

Only free press would cover the trial of the Jack of Hearts

Suddenly friends of democracy revealed Sam’s dirty tricks

A light burst on the scene, exposing spies and the facts did click

Sam’s close friend had ordered and paid for surveillance of the defense

The walled internet burst open and free press did print

And there would be no fair trial for the Jack of Hearts

The details of the spying incident were not open to the press

But the court heard behind closed doors and someday we’ll hear the rest

And Sam was just standing there, you couldn’t say surprised

Free press looking at him questioning in her eyes

She was suspecting of Uncle Sam and respecting of the Jack of Hearts

It wasn’t the hackers this time made it through the wall

It was concerned citizens, whistle blowing personnel led to the haul

Now in the darkness hackers, whistle blowers, publishers and journalists

Must decide whether to stand tall and defy the insatiable imperialists

And if to follow in the footsteps of the Jack of Hearts

Was the war crimes not the exposure of those crimes that harmed Sam’s Security

But ironically was free press on trial accused of impurities

When the perpetrators of the crimes never faced trial

Claiming superiority, that international law was not their style

While still using international law to frame the Jack of Hearts

Mainstream media remains mute, silent to the people’s despair

Her prejudices as obvious as the dye in Uncle Sam’s hair

They’re thinking about their own small world, the big picture they never saw

Ignoring the defiant free press and fearing the law

And trying not to think about the Jack of Hearts

This poem/song is a take on a ballad by Bob Dylan “Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts” and can be sung to that tune.

Trial of the Jack of Hearts

by polysensory