Alessia Paola Pesando

Peek at the world: Wikileaks

Impressive marble mosaic "Peek at the world: Wikileaks" by Alessia Paola Pesando, artist and activist from Italy.
Marbles and stones: Biancone or White Asiago: it comes from Asiago's quarries, in Veneto (Italy). It prevails on Assange's face as the symbol of willpower, noble sentiments and strive for change; it opens up new horizons and allows us to look forward.
Emperador Dark and Light (dark brown the first and beige the latter), are splendid natural stones extracted from Spanish quarries.The Emperador, although aesthetically and technically very similar to marble, is a noble breccia.
Brown is one of the colours that is most often used to metaphorically convey the images of earth and roots.
Pakikistan onix (yellow) is a gemstone from Pakistan, which I have used for the world "Wikileaks"
to underline the historical and moral value of the archive, as the colour yellow depicts knowledge and intellectual energy.

Green Rain Forest (background): it's a very particular, almost choreographic, Indian serpentinite; its plot reminds us of an equatorial forest and, through an allegory, of how deep and intricate the current geopolitics is.