Malvina  one of the most influential hardcore bands in Brazil. Originally from Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, the band is made up of the twin brothers Vini (vocals and bass) and Berman (vocals and guitar), and Renato (drums). Their influences, alongside the "ABC" of punk and hardcore, take in prog and metal bands, it explains the sound they have refined over the years.

International pressure for his freedom is very important.
This arrest means an attack and a gigantic threat to the freedom of the press, to the right of access to information that is of our interest and to human rights - Assange has been subjected to torture.

One of the arguments the judge in charge of the case used against his extradition was his state of health and the high risk of suicide. The fact that the court's recognition of Assange's condition precedes the denial of his request for bail further reinforces the political and tyrannical character of this arrest.

It must be clear that there is no crime, he is the target of this persecution for exposing war crimes and information of public interest.