Juan Passarelli

Juan Passarelli, is an award-winning filmmaker and journalist, co-founder of Guerrilla Pictures (@guerrillapix) and Infosec Bytes (@infosec_bytes). With more than a decade of experience in his field, has investigated a range of issues from the South African sex trade and the struggles of political dissidents under the Belarusian dictatorship to the global surveillance state lead by the NSA and the CIA, as well as the UK’s GCHQ.

As a long-time Assange confidant who often worked inside the Ecuadoran embassy for years, Passarelli has had the most access to Assange and WikiLeaks and has filmed them for over ten years. He has directed and participated in the production of dozens of documentary films, most recently for the award-winning documentary “The Engineer,” about the brutal gang wars in El Salvador. Passarelli has been at the forefront of information security journalism with contributions in films such as Oscar winner “Citizenfour,” and and as Producer of the first season of “Infosec Bytes.” He has also helped train journalists and members of civil society around the world on how to improve their information and operational security.

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The War on Journalism: The Case of Julian Assange