Natasha Metaxa

Isigoria - Assange, Manning and Snowden

Free Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden through the art "Isigoria" of Natasha Metaxa. Painting, 100x110cm, acrylic on canvas.

"Keep Democracy alive with the freedom of speech, with free journalism.
My new painting is about Democracy. I depict J. Assange, C. Manning and E. Snowden because they are in jail and exile as if they are criminals. These people spoke the truth, they informed people about real incidents which have to do with wars, lives of real people and crimes. I am depicting them because I want to honor them and declare that real democracy is the freedom of speech, the freedom of thinking and the equality in front of the law. These people have to be released if we want to keep journalism and real democracy alive.
Ancient Greeks used the word Isigoria as one of the elements of democracy. Isigoria is the right of a person to speak the same with everybody else, is equality in the right of freedom of speech.
Free Julian Assange the founder of WikiLeaks."
— Natasha Metaxa