Marco Ammannati

 Ensuring No Leaks

Giovanni Pintori used to paint and design posters for Olivetti typewriting devices in Italian post WWII.

The typewriter was the state of the art machine of that time and Pintori delivered advertising of the highest aesthetic standard throughout the 50’s and the 60’s through amazingly sharp, sleek modern ads recognizable for their simplicity which gave those prints a wonderful sense of power. The Poster as a medium in that era was the most powerful visual tool for propaganda and branding. In the digital era the typewriter is replaced by sophisticated electronic devices and the poster has become a vintage, object of cult, while the real daily grind of propaganda, information and misinformation is leaked via intangible mediums; it is stored, propelled and exchanged at a speed and with a range that even its creators are unable keep track of.

Marco Ammannati


A series of flags created to symbolize the strong ties between corporations and governments in the digital era.