Megan Sherman

Dreaming Of Heaven

Megan Sherman is an English musician, poet and activist deeply inspired by John Lennon. She has a bachelors degree in Modern History and Politics. She has written a Lennonesque piano ballad Dreaming Of Heaven for Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning, which incorporates some of the stylistic features of Imagine.

Megan Sherman also wrote:

The Trial Of Julian Assange

My fairest friend, alas, I have to tell
A song that conveys all the woes of hell
For Justice stands betrayed, she cruel defaced
By devils who the evil path embraced
A trial in London that hath been designed
With predetermined outcome, is aligned
To empire's creed, bereft of conscience, wills
To make the world a playground for war shills

Foes are ignorant of truth's superior fist
The cogs of empire turn and Peace resist
The people slumber, sent to sleep by lies
As devil sings deceptive lullabies
But one free will is stronger than machine
The spirit of free will is evergreen
The people yield enlightenment free thought earn
In them the cause of freedom rage and burn

And must myself lament the hero's pain
I long to see his demons slaughtered, slain
Amazed at his philosophy, in awe
His suffering makes a mockery of law
I weigh his case, see he is innocent
For my society's persecution of him I lament
But time will vindicate his name and he
Will be remembered for all of history