Chicks on Speed

Chicks on Speed are art duo Melissa Logan and Alex Murray-Leslie who met in Munich, Germany while studying at The Academy of Fine Art, Munich. The duo cross lines and build new groups and are direct decedents of bauhaus, Fluxus, SI and created Electroclash in the last milenia. When they take a break they sleep in a lab and record their dreams which are sonified into the endless songs.

Julian Assange is a guest-stars on Chicks on Speed’s Artstravaganza

Electroclash queens and art world darlings Chicks on Speed (Melissa Logan and Alex Murray-Leslie) are in London this week to release UTOPIA, the first track from their latest album Artstravaganza. An eclectic aural odyssey filled with acid beats and conceptual jokes, this seventh album mingles pointed references to Shakespeare, Buckminster Fuller, and Yoko Ono with musings on desire, consumerism, and data overload. Read more 

“By working on this song, we realized truth could be a parallel to God, or a sort of a religious experience,” Logan says. “Truth is also about belief and about finding the truth. What [Assange] talks about in the song God is the power of information, and also the power of people who put themselves in a position between individuals and the truth, placing themselves there as a gatekeeper to the truth.”

After the London launch of UTOPIA, the Chicks will release further tracks in a series of live-art, performance events, starting at Witte de With in Rotterdam with a gig starring flamboyant mega-patron Francesca von Habsburg. Then it’ll be MoMA PS1. For the art-educated musicians, the umbilical connection to the museum is a difficult one to let go. “Art is our home,” says Logan, “but we don’t get along with our stepfather.”