Beate Passow

Assange and Ninja Turtles

There is humor in her (Beate Passow) works, but also "a great deal of seriousness and, above all, a highly sensitive political and social stance." –Wolfgang Ullrich

Beate Passow  works against forgetting, - as Dr. Helmut Friedel describes it in his text of the same name about Passow's extensive artistic oeuvre. With her pictorial inventions she - according to Friedel - puts her finger on the wounds of memory. Not, however, as the unbelieving Thomas had to do in order to gain knowledge, but to uncover and clarify visible and verifiable facts. Photography serves her as a suitable means of expression, as a documentation of her long journeys and explorations, which stand before the subsequent visualisation of these impressions.

The unusual protagonists of her works move through easily identifiable places, which also serve as namesakes for the individual works: Gibraltar, New York's Wall Street, Brussels, Knossos or the island of Lampedusa. Behind these geographical classifications lie the political abysses of contemporary Europe, whose ruling systems, economic structures and political movements are put up for debate by Passow in her latest "MONKEY BUSINESS". 

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