Beate Passow

Beate Passow  is a German installation, photo and collage artist. With her art she works "against forgetting", but sees her work not as a coming to terms with the past, but as a "coming to terms with the present." In 2017 she received the Gabriele Münter Prize for Female Visual Artists in Germany.

There is humor in her works, but also "a great deal of seriousness and, above all, a highly sensitive political and social stance." –Wolfgang Ullrich

 In some works, she also shows "the psychological damage to the individual in the growing social coldness of our society."  Beate Passow believes in "the emotional potential of works of art."
—Barbara Reitter-Welter

She wants her works to "look beautiful" so that one does not immediately perceive that "something quite different is hidden behind them." —Jürgen Moises

Again and again, she uses "embroidery as a metaphor for the combination of otherwise incompatible elements." — e-flux

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