AFK is an anonymous street-artists from Norway. He is known for his large murals and classic, monochrome stencils often with just a touch of pink color and laced with political undertones. He provokes response from the audience with a humor and mysterious encrypted messages on the walls. 

In 2013, the first paintings with the signature AFK appeared in Bergen. The artist's technical skills, high productivity and accurate social commentary were noticed. Many paintings reflect the vulnerable child's position, as a refugee, heir to the climate crisis or as a victim of human trafficking. AFK has a clear social and global commitment, and has worked with street art in many European countries.

See more of his works: AFK Street Art, website or instagram

Engagement with topic of liberty, critical thinking  "Question everything" made him produce several great artworks featuring Assange, Snowden and Aaron Swartz. 

AFK is part of a several art collectives. 
The name AFK was originally a reference to the internet jargon abbreviation para "Away From the Keyboard", but was later changed to the initials of the psevdonym "Alex F.Knudsen".