Lana C.S.E. Milasinovic

Various Designs

Lana C.S.E. Milasinovic is an multimedia artist and designer living in the Netherlands.

Since the arrest of Julian Assange in April 2019, she joined WikiLeaks Art force team and has dedicated to help to free Julian Assange.

Next to being an artist, she is an independent journalist and a peace proponent, admiring and strongly supporting Julian Assange in his noble efforts to achieve world peace and ultimate freedom of the press.

Born in the city of Sarajevo, a s a child, she witnessed war atrocities during the collapse of Yugoslavia and has survived the longest siege of a city in a modern warcraft history. That experience inspires her in efforts to free Julian Assange while being guided by his iconic call for peace.

She was very inspired by Assange's statement:
"If wars can be started by lies, peace can be started by truth.'